The Past

“Some spend their lives painting images that only remember the past.” p. 4

The past…entraps, makes you feel stuck, holds you back.  Through examining our past, we can move forward with greater clarity and understanding of ourselves.  Yet, our focus must be on Jesus the author and perfector of our faith for He will transform us as we continue to abide in Him and renew our minds.

“What darkness has consumed you and stolen from you, robbed from you, sucked out of your soul the dream God created you to flesh out?” p. 31

What has distracted you? What has pulled you off the path?  The dream still exists whether or not we have lost focus.  We can return and reclaim that dream.  Not all is lost.

“You are being manipulated by the circumstances of your life rather than being moved by a calling with purpose and mission.” p. 47

Seasons come and go throughout our life.  We choose our attitude.  We choose our reactions.

“What we should learn from wisdom we insist on learning through the pain that comes from being unteachable.” p. 51

I strive to be teachable.  To listen well and accept advice, criticism, and observation about myself and my life.  As others recognize things, I need to examine my heart and recognize the areas in need of transformation without becoming defensive.  Easier said than done!

“Are you settling for a life that essentially seeks the measure of everyone else’s value of who you are? Are you a prisoner to the opinion of others, or are you willing to allow God to create the life of your dreams?” p.113

I am easily swayed by popular opinion and by my perception of people’s opinions.  My perception sways my thinking.  I may perceive something far different than reality.  Thus, I must instead turn to God to allow Him to inform my perception and help me create a masterpiece out of my life.

ht: Wide Awake by Erwin McManus


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