Trombone Player Wanted, Pt. 2

Step 2: Do you know what your strengths are?

  • Strengths have a yearning quality to them
  • Which activities do you look forward to?
  • Strengths are those which you are naturally inquisitive about
  • Which activities allow you to focus, concentrate and time flies?
  • Strengths have a restorative quality
  • Which activities leave you uplifted, sustained, make you want to do it again, make you feel strong?

Looking back on the last week do you see any telltale signs of a strength?

For me, Hope House (the orphanage in Harrismith) and LaunchPad (after-school discipleship class) definitely fit the characteristics above.  They sustain me, they make me want to go back, time flies, I want to continue to learn more to develop my skills, and I look forward to them.

ht: Marcus Buckingham

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