“Hit It”

I love this post about waterskiing/wakeboarding and the neccessity of taking all the tips and help, but eventually yelling “hit it” so that you can finally go for the ride.  Too often, I can find myself talking, talking and talking about dreaming big, change, or different options, but in the end I still need to yell “hit it” before I miss the chance.  Like with any watersport, I may fall.  I may get dragged.  I may hit the water really hard.  Yet, the moment of triumph when I finally get up and stay up then I can breathe and enjoy the ride. Well, at least until some bumps come along or the boat turns and then you need to concentrate a little more. Though, once again staying up and persevering throughout the bumps, dragging, and obstacles makes the ride worthwhile.   So, don’t forget to say “hit it!”



One thought on ““Hit It”

  1. what a beautiful picture! I saw a bluebird for the first time, right on my deck. Reminds me to stop and really look. love you.

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