A little late…

I meant to post this on Saturday or Sunday, but due to circumstances including the internet sporadically going out and well life, I didn’t post.  All of that to say, that I had a crazy busy, fast weekend.  Friday started out with an attempt to play Mafia (you really need more people) and some delicious brownies.  Saturday started out with sleeping in and a nice long run (yay for 4.5 miles without walking–ever since Swazi running was not going well, but now I think it’s on the upswing).  The afternoon consisted of a soccer game!  Fun stuff minus the rain at the end.  At least we brought a blanket and yummy chips.  When we got home, we were a little bored….so we made funnel cakes, deep fried oreos and pretzels!!  They were delicious.  I ate way way too much.  Thus, we ended up sitting on the floor of the kitchen chatting about life and fun things to do after the internship.

funnel cakeYum!! Even better with powdered sugar 🙂


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