No walks, hikes or running this weekend.

Why? Hunters.  One of those reminders that I live on a farm with lots and lots of animals as well as a camping ground.

Hence, today equaled a lazy day of reading, napping, exploring options, and a little (okay like the whole thing, but still) boot camp.  I’m usually okay with lazy days every once in a while especially on the weekend, but today I was completely discontent, stir crazy and just wanting to do something.  To top the day off, the rain came and with that No Power.  No power equals no oven, no microwave, and no toaster.  Cooking is a little difficult.  So, what do we do? Call the staff (they were supposed to be having a Cinco De Mayo party…) and see if they are and if they want to go out to dinner instead!  Surprisingly, they said yes!  Hello enchiladas and a vanilla milkshake!  Delicious. Hopefully, tomorrow the hunters will leave early and then I can go for a little run!  Now that the power’s back on…I’m going to go finish that book 🙂


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