Swazi in Bullets

  • Painted the Community Center
  • Cleared a man’s yard and created a garden area
  • Cleared yards on the Upper Houses (raked leaves, raked pine needles, collected rocks, dug drainage trenches)
  • Painted two Chacaranda (sp?) houses
  • visited ABC ministries (adorable little kids!!!)
  • Ate dinner and hung out at the Welcome Center (where the kids go before they are placed in a home) and at a Chacaranda house
  • Played card games (fill or bust, 13, phase 10, rummy, billionaire)
  • Made lots of fires in the fire place
  • Went to the Orion (Mongo’s for dinner, delicious pizza, milkshakes, swimming, sauna, car adventure to find some waterfalls…didn’t get to see  them, dessert!, Kelly’s birthday!)
  • Ate a ton of pb & honey since the jelly did not taste good
  • Songs: Where You Are by Marc Broussard, Airplane Song by Stephen Speaks, On a Night Like This by Dave Barnes
  • Played with ABC kids on an afternoon off
  • Making oatmeal in the morning and getting up early and soaking in time with Him
  • Swimming
  • Going to a nearby village and wearing traditional dress and dancing
  • Climbing the tallest mountain in Swazi
  • Taking fun jumping photos
  • Going on Safari
  • Camping outside
  • Seeing a creepy creepy creepy python…yuck!
  • Seeing rhinos, elephants, lions, and hippos!
  • Long car rides with happy, summery music

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