ABC’s – Embellished

A – Age: 23

B – Baseball Game or Ballet: hm. both?

C – Chore you hate: cleaning anything with bugs

D – Dream Vacation: i don’t know….anywhere fun!

E – Easter candy: white chocolate something

F – Favorite Flowers: exotic ones. daisys. anything fun and exciting. not roses

G – Games: card games, board games, sports

H – Height: 5′ 5

I – Instrument you play: tuba

J – Job title: 24/7 intern

K – Kindergarten Memory: Lincoln Elementary School 🙂 

L – Luxury you live without: reliable internet?

M – Mexican food choice: chips and salsa and enchiladas

N – Nickname: some. not too many

O – Overnight hospital stay: nope

P – Pet Peeve: hair in the shower

Q – Quotes you like: too many to name

R – Rainforest or Redwoods: both!

S – Siblings: 2 brothers

T – Television favorites: Heroes, Grey’s, and I don’t know…I don’t watch much here

U – Ultimate dessert: better than sex cake, cake in general

V – Vegetable you dislike: not a huge fan of cooked spinach. i love it not cooked though.

W – Ways you run late: to anything 

X – X-rays you’ve had: wrist

Y – Yummy food you make:
 banana bread and enchiladas 🙂

Z – Zoo animal that’s your favorite: hmmm, tigers? giraffes? i don’t know i like a lot of them!


One thought on “ABC

  1. Hi Katy!

    Loved your ABCs. Here are mine.

    K my little girl
    A athletic, artistic
    T talented
    Y you have to love her

    R rides her bike at home, reads, (w)rites really well
    O outstanding, original
    S sweet, sensitive
    E every mom’s dream for a daughter

    K kind
    I intelligent, interesting, intriguing
    G generous, gypsy, gentle, god child
    E energetic, excerciser, enthusiastic
    R really an inspiration, innovative, imaginative

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