Impact Day!

On Monday, we had an AWESOME time helping out at Impact Day!  Twenty “learners” or students as we call them came from each school for a day-long conference (so about 250 kids total!).  The conference’s theme is Integrity and the kids will come to another session in May.  This time the talk was focused on Honesty.  As interns, we were able to help develop group activities as well as group discussion questions.  In between sessions, we each led a small group of about 10 students.  I loved getting to interact with these next generation leaders and hearing their thoughts!  The kids were great and I’m so excited that they were able to take a day to spend time learning about such an important character trait.  I felt a little at home in the “event planning” area too.  I love seeing everything come together and that deep breath after everyone is seated and everything is going well!