Cleaning Day


Flashback to Monday with me (yes, I know this post is way late, but oh well!).  Monday is cleaning day and the day my house gets our clothes washed.  The cleaning staff washes, air dries, and irons all of the clothes.  I’m always impressed with how neat and flat my clothes come back in my laundry bag.  To top it off, part of me has disliked how the clothes I fold are not as neat and then I have the super neat clothes.  Well well well, this Monday proved to be a super day!  Random, but fun and makes me think that the cleaning staff must think that I can’t fold clothes for nothing.  Because not only did they take and return my clothes, but they also took all my clothes out of the shelf and folded them.  Super neat, eh?  So far, I’ve tried to keep the clothes as neat and I’ve done a decent job.  Though, I definitely still can’t fold clothes like they can!