s6300733On Thursdays, we go to town (Harrismith) to do a little shopping, get groceries for the weekend (only 4 of us do this since we switch off weekends to cook), and just have some down time to hang out.  We, like many other intern groups, frequent a little cafe called The Daily Grind (ironic for those of you who know of that).  Well, I found this little gem of a snack/food/dessert and boy am I happy!  I was in the mood for something more than a shake and thought I wanted normal pancakes.  So, I asked the waitress which she suggested between Monster Flapjacks and Pancakes.  She pointed to these and so I said sounds good. They are called pancakes with cinnamon syrup and ice cream.  Though, as you can see they are a mix of crepes and pancakes.  And let me know tell you…they are a perfect blend of hot and cold, sweet and fluffy and everything delicous. Jealous, yet?