The thing I love most about teaching is asking the students questions or when they ask questions!  I wish I could sit down with each of them and talk.  Get to know them better, learn more about their lives, their struggles, their triumphs, and really take the time to listen to go beyond the surface.  Too often, I think we default to conversations where we don’t delve into the gritty parts of life and we barely scratch the surface of understanding.  Yet, even those surface-y conversations show love, value, and that someone is listening.  Not only do I want to teach the curriculum, but I want to share life.  Each week, I’m trying to share more about myself and ask more pointed questions to give them an opportunity to share with me.   I love that many of the students I teach ask questions and answer them when I ask questions.  For that I’m thankful since unfortunately I can’t take 40 kids out to coffee.  Maybe someday! 🙂  

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Dream Even Bigger

I wrote an e-mail last fall and a friend wrote about it…..

“(I wish we could) Go and “DO” something and catch a glimpse of the bigger picture that causes us to dream even bigger.”

I love this – dreaming even bigger. Dreaming about a life without limits. Seeing the unimagined to begin to imagine more.

What are you dreaming big about today?

I’m a big picture kind of girl.  I love seeing the connections and how everything comes together for good.  For this same reason, I love dreaming, casting vision, daydreaming about what could be and where I could go.  Today’s a day of resting in Him and soaking it up while “waking up and gleaning and grabbing at everything that He has for me.”  This is my way of dreaming even bigger while remembering to focus on what He has for me today in this present moment.