Little Girls

img_2891Two little girls.

One feeding the other. 

Two both don’t know what will come.

One little girl’s mom dies the next day.

Two little girls’ lives will change.


Waterfalls and Rainy Mornings

Flashback to last Saturday.  The alarm goes off.  I’m tired and I can hear the rain outside.  I hit snooze aka my alarm doesn’t have a snooze so I just turn it off.  Eventually, I give in and go downstairs to take a shower. I hear the phone buzzing while I’m in the shower.  I call Kelly, the intern director, back and she tells me that it looks like we’re still going to Royal Natal unless the others decide they don’t want to go.  So, I get ready and throw my stuff in a bag that my roommate let me borrow.  Make some oatmeal and run down the hill.  Unfortunately, Sam also runs down the hill with her oatmeal, but falls and sprains her ankle.  (She’s still on crutches, but is getting better!).  We pile into the cars and we’re off.  

About an hour or so later with a bit of muddy/watery driving, we arrive and the valley and the mountains are gorgeous.  They are super green and pretty.  Once at the park, we head off down the trail toward the waterfalls.  We came to a spot where a handful of people decided to go swimming in at the base of one of the smaller waterfalls.  I totally did not think ahead and just wear my swimsuit.  Instead, my swimsuit was in the car.  But, after a bit of convincing, I decided to jump into the water anyway!   The water was a bit chilly, but I had fun anyway.  The day ended with pizza and a relaxing night 🙂


img_2799Swimming 🙂

img_2815Tower of Pizza

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