Hitting Repeat

I have a tendency to hit repeats on songs that I’m listening to and iTunes lets me know that with all of my high play counts.  I have a song on repeat tonight.  If you had to pick a song to have on repeat, what would you pick?  What should I listen to tomorrow?

stormyRainy.Stormy.Curl-up with a blanket.Weather.

5 thoughts on “Hitting Repeat

  1. oh goodness thats hard!

    stephanie, who is sitting right next to me, said a bon iver song. not sure which one.

    actually, the real answer (but she didn’t want to say it because she felt it was dorky) would be a robert patterson song. robert patterson, aka edward in twilight. lol!

    as of right now for me, probably a bon iver or whitley song. i don’t know which one.

  2. mom: Ha…can’t say that I have borning cry on my computer

    Amy & Steph: i don’t know any of their songs…I’ll have to look them up!

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