My Days Are Full

Last weekend provided a much needed breath of fresh air.  The rain tends to be a downer during the week, but during the weekend the weather thus far has been absolutely gorgeous!  Today, Sunday, I woke up without an alarm kind of early, which was nice.  I knew I was going running, but then once I got dressed I decided to make it a 10k.  I ran the first 5k went great and I had a time of about 27 minutes.  Then I gave myself a bit of a break and walked for 4 minutes and then ran the rest of the 10k.  I finished under an hour–my goal!  Felt great and I ate oatmeal with brown sugar after drinking a lot of water.  Then we had planned to go on a picnic on top of the mountain at around 11:30.  So, we hiked up Everest and ate lunch and laid out in the sun.  The view was gorgeous and it was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.  To top it all off, we took a dip in one of the ponds (I miss lakes…) and now we’re going to make enchiladas for dinner!  There’s my day for you….how was yours?

love heartlove heart on top of the mountain


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