The City

The more that I am here on “the Farm” (one of the nicknames/names of the base) the more I love being away from the city.  I love seeing mountains, hills, grass, sky, and wilderness for miles and miles.  I walked out of my room today after taking a shower (and painting my toe nails!) and my breath was taken away.  There was a slight mist coating the countryside.  I would have taken a picture of this scene, but let’s be honest…my camera let alone any camera wouldn’t have done the beauty justice (so I’ll put a different picture).  While I lived in the city, I loved seeing the skyscrapers especially with the sunlight reflecting on them, but my heart still yearned for more.  I can appreciate the beauty of the city, but am definitely a live in the country girl.  Being able to run in the mountains with zebra, springbok, and other animals, waking up to birds, and star gazing is definitely the way to go for me. 



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