My Room

Welcome. Here is where I spend my nights and random other times of the day.  The main “hang out” area is different, but close by here:

img_2103Vanity type thing 🙂

bedBed! (not as good as at home, but it’ll work). Though, there are more pictures on the wall behind the bed now–I got a little picture happy 🙂

closetCloset area. I’ve hit my head a few times on the overhang…

shelvesMore pictures and shelves.

So, there’s my little loft.  A nice little refuge as long as the creepy beetle-like flying bugs don’t try to attack me (they’re not as bad as I make them sound….I just really don’t like bugs.).

4 thoughts on “My Room

  1. Thanks, I like it and yeah I do have a “me” style 🙂 The loft is nice too! I like being up higher. I put up pictures of sunsets, feet, you, friends, family, my puppy….so basically all the happy recent photos I have 🙂

  2. Love your room! It looks so cozy – like a log cabin or something. I like all the pictures too. Man, I can´t post my room cause it´ll look lame in comparison!

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