army manMeet Sven. –This is for Amy (she thought I needed some protection)

horses outside my roomHorses outside my window 🙂


mountainsAnother mountain 🙂

i'm aliveSee–I’m here! More pictures and actual words to come tonight or this weekend!  B’Ahava (with love).


4 thoughts on “Photographs

  1. This is me commenting! I hope it doesn’t say i have to create a name to comment when i try to post this!

    I’m sitting at the table eating my french toast bagel and drinking realllllly strong coffee. opps. way too strong.

    your pictures are fantastic…. i was so excited to see them!

    i miss you too…. I definitely need a mailing address for you, ps. i already have items to send you!

  2. Great pictures, Katy, though I can’t figure what Swen is. Your mom and I had lunch at Times Square today. I sent her your blog address and how to write a comment so hopefully your parents will comment soon. I can help them set up a facebook account as well, but I am not certain that you want to add them as friends. HaHa! Maybe this blog is better.
    It was only -28 degrees wind chill here this weekend. I envy your short sleeves! Glad you made it and you are doing well.
    Your second mom,
    Sue J.

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