Miss You

“I miss you.  I thought of you on your birthday.  November 15, 1985.  I thought of you again with the snowy roads and the car accidents and the anniversary of your car accident coming up.  I like the earlier memories better.  Memories of chocolate malts, going bowling every day in the summer, biking all around town, babysitting, making a business out of selling green mints, chatting about boys, bffs, writing notes, sleepovers, camping out on the trampoline, making a trampoline dance to “My Father’s House,” going to Indiana for tennis camp, painting dozens of little houses, and just being with you.  I wish you were here so that I could share life with you.  I miss you.”

p.s. To all of you who are here, please drive safe with the slippery roads and pretty snow.

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