I LOVE surprises.  No lie.  I love surprising people and I love being surprised.  Surprise presents (flowers, gifts, flowers, hot chocolate, tea, stopping by, etc.) are awesome.  Especially when they’re from someone super close in my life.  So, what got me thinking about all of this? Well, airports.  I’m going to fly out in the near future and fly back.  I love the airport pick-up.  So much fun getting picked up.  Picking up is fun too.  Sometime in my life I want to fly in somewhere and skip out on the pick up to surprise someone at their front step.  Not sure who yet, but someone!  That’s all I have.  Enjoy the sentimental, personal explanation 🙂 

p.s. I’m sure I could fit how this works into my results from StrengthsFinder if I really wanted to…more about that in another post!  I met with a Strengths coach yesterday–fun stuff. (input, learner, achiever, connectedness, restorative/developer)

Are You Caught?

“When you look in the mirror, you see who you used to be rather than who you are.”

“Teach me to see me as who I am in Christ because in Christ you are completely forgiven.”

“You are doing things for him because you are afraid that if you don’t he will leave.”

“If there is going to be no commitment, you are better than being treated like you’re something from Rent-A-Center. You are valuable in the sight of God.”

“The easiest thing for her to do would be to jump right back into the relationship when things get tough.”

“He wants to you live the life that he created you to live.”

“Jesus’ passion can overcome your problem.”

“I’m obsessed with who you could be if you would just give your life to me.” -Jesus

-Random quotes from Perry Noble’s sermon “Caught”


Forgive me, I took these notes from a sermon a few months ago and am just now getting to them.  Unfortunately, I do not remember who gave the sermon….my bad.  So, if you know, let me know because I like to give credit where credit is due.

“the clearer the vision of your life, the fewer the options”

As long as the vision is general then it is not helpful in making decisions.  The clearer and more defined vision you have the easier it is to make decisions based on your vision.  What do I want life to look like in 3, 5, 7 years?  Nehemiah served as a cup bearer before taking further steps toward his dream, his vision for his life.  Visions sometimes begin as a burden.  Nehemiah’s burden was to go rebuild the walls and he based decisions off of that.  Though, sometimes our visions need to be altered.  Our “me-focused” visions get thrown out the window to make room for some even bigger “God-focused” visions.  So, how is your vision?  Are you making decisions on your clear vision?