What Would You Do?

Last night in class, the professor brought up an interest thought provoking topic.  The professor who teaches Church History explained that previously he had taught a class which included a discussion on what would you have done if you were placed under Hitler’s rule.  He labeled the options for response as endorser, acquiescer, or a righteous Gentile.  After the lecture, a few girls talked with him and  strongly advocated that they would have stood up and done something.  In response, the professor decided to do a little experiment (with the next year’s class). Here’s what happened:

One of the more vocal girls in the classroom was taken aside before class and the professors (there were two team-teaching the course) explained the experiment.  The first professor taught his lecture and toward the beginning the girl raises her hand.  He responds by saying something to the effect of that we don’t answer questions from people like you.  He goes on with his lecture.  A little while later she raises her hand again.  This time he responds telling her that she is a disruptive force in this class and that if she asks another question she will be asked to leave.  The lecture goes on.  Finally, she raises her hand one more time, and the professor responds in a similar fashion and tells her that if she asks another question next time she will be dismissed from the course.  The class ends.

The second professor teaches the next class.  He starts out his lecture and not too far into it the same girl asks a question.  He too informs her that she is a disruptive force in this class and that she continues to act this way she will be asked to leave.  The lecture goes on.  The girl asks another question and this time the professor asks her to leave and escorts her out of the classroom.  The lecture continues and the professor finishes.  The class is dismissed.

Nobody did anything.

One of the Holocaust survivors remarks, “As I walked down the street there was nobody looking out the windows.”