I’m crazy. Yep, it’s official. I signed up for nanowrimo. What is nanowrimo, you might ask, well, let me tell you.  Thousands of people join together in the month of November to write.  Not edit. Not agonize.  Not obsess over details. (Though, let’s be honest, I’ll still obsess and agonize, but just under pressure).  And what are we writing? The goal is to write a 175-page (50,000-word) novel by midnight, November 30. We’ll see what happens…!  Between work, school, church and getting ready for the internship below, life is busy. Oh, wait, I forgot to include seeing other people in there too–that’s a needed aspect of life too! No clue what I’m going to write on yet either. Thoughts? Suggestions for the crazy girl? Anyone else participating? Or even just write how crazy I am that’ll be fun.  Throw me a bone. 🙂 I’ll keep you updated as much as possible about how this crazy adventure is going!