The King is Enthralled By Your Beauty

The first sermon in the series “Beautiful, a series for women and the men that pursue them” tackles issues such as a women’s identity, culture, beauty, and what God has to say.

Women (and myself!) try to find identity in appearance, “home”, kids, relationships, career and religion.  Yet, when the very thing that one finds his/her identity in is taken away then what… In the sermon Perry indicates that women who are doing this are “tired.”  Tired of trying so hard and falling short.  Tired of going through the three hour beauty routine only to have the rain come and mess everything up!  Tired.  Simply tired.

Furthermore, culture surrounds us with definitions of beauty.  Pictures of beauty abound in magazines, television shows like “America’s Next Top Model”, the internet and every other media outlet.  Culture screams multiple ways to become beautiful.  If only you buy this kind of make-up or that dress, then you will feel beautiful, you will look “sexy.”  Or better yet, eat this frozen dinner and you’ll magically lose those 10 extra pounds that keep you from feeling “beautiful.”  Yet, if you did lose those extra pounds, would it ever be enough?  Can we ever meet or feel like we’ve met culture’s standard of beauty?   Are we always stuck in the “not good enough” category?”

Besides, what is beauty even? Does beauty consist of make-up and high-heels or of skinny jeans and cute tops?  Or maybe beauty comes with the perfect job and perfect husband? Maybe we should turn to scripture instead to find our definition of beauty.  Then, would more women be able answer the “Me, Beautiful?” question in an affirmative way?  Perry’s main verse, Psalm 45:11, states: “The king is enthralled by your beauty.”  God sees who we can be.  God sees us through the lens of Jesus.  Let God show You what He sees about you.