How Bad Do You Want It?

Great post about the importance of preparation and planning ahead.  I’ve been feeling the urge to get away and leave, but at the same time I’m preparing myself through seminary, the church plant, work, etc. for something else.  I don’t know what that “something” is yet, but when I look at this as a necessary time of preparation so that I can “win” then everything changes. Plus, Bobby Knight said the quote 🙂

Insecurity Sucks!

Speaking of preparation…here’s a bit of what the above post says:

Insecure leaders take everything personally (yep-check)

Insecure leaders spend too much time worrying what people think. (yep-check)

Here’s what the post’s response to insecurity is:

  • Remember what God’s Word says about you. If insecurity is the bondage that holds you back, God’s words are the truths that will set you free. Believe them!
  • People don’t think about you, the way you think they think about you. (read that again, slowly) It’s true, because they are too worried about what YOU think of THEM!
I’m nervous about a thing happening in about half an hour and this post reminded me of the power my words and others’ words have on me.  Though, along with that…perhaps my fear links back to that lovely little word “insecurity.”
Two books that I’m thinking about buying: Amish Grace and The Tipping Point
-Thoughts? Have you read them? Want to read them?

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