Sweet September

Good-bye, Sweet September.  I don’t where you went.  I wish we had more time together to enjoy the inbetween summer and fall/winter weather.  Alas, thank you for the good runs and the new adventures.  Between starting seminary and starting a church, I must say that you turned out to be a very busy month.  Until next year.  

p.s. Thank you for giving me a perfect day to run my 10 miles (yay-I’m SO astounded and amazed that I was able to run 10 miles today!)

Packing My Bags

My cousin is packing his bags and ready to leave for Australia on Sunday. I’m so jealous!  I would love to be able to decide two weeks ago that I was going to apply, get accepted and just leave (I haven’t heard the full story but that’s what it sounded like).  This gives me hope that one day, I will just go.  Until then, here’s to preparation.

I Thought Love Was Black and White

‘Cause I dont know who I am, who I am without you
All I know is that I should
And I don’t know if I could stand another hand upon you

See I thought love was black and white
That it was wrong or it was right

And I won’t be far from where you are if ever you should call
You meant more to me than anyone I ever loved at all


So we’ve put an end to it this time. 
I’m no longer yours and you’re no longer mine. 

And it’s been days without you in my reach, 
And the only time I’ve touched you is in my sleep. 

But time has changed nothing at all – 
You’re still the only one that feels like home. 
I’ve tried cutting the ropes and 
I let you go but you’re still the only one 
That feels like home.

Rain, Rain, Rain


Hearing the sound of rain on the window

Cracking the window open to listen to the rain

Splashing through puddles

Not caring about your hair

A reason to curl up with a good book (Stephanie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn) or a tv show you missed (“Heroes”)

Giving cars a reason to stop for you (you’re getting wet and they are not)

Getting caught when running (not starting in it–only when it comes after the run has begun)

Hiding tears

Kissing in the rain

Pretty umbrellas

Thunderstorms and lightning and pretty skies

The rainbow afterward


Driving in the rain with flashbacks to hydroplaning and going in the ditch and ending upside down in a car (actually happened so not an entirely irrational fear)

When the bottom of pants get wet but the rest stays dry

Cell phones that fall in puddles or any other electronics for that matter

Transporting things

Concert in the Park

When did I not realize that so many people still smoke?  I’m beginning to wonder if any of the anti-smoking advertisements and education even worked.  I wish second-hand smoke didn’t give me such a terrible headache and even a stomach because then I might have been able to enjoy the concert more.  Also, I saw 5 kids with huge head phones over their ears to protect them from the noise while I saw other similar aged kids running around without them.  I like the idea of protecting your children’s ears and I like concerts, but my kids are getting a babysitter or we’re sitting far far far away and we’re making sure the concert is age-appropriate.  

There’s my weekend rant. 🙂

Last Straw

Since my last haircut, I have been annoyed at my hair.  The hairdresser did near to nothing, yet still managed to mess up my hair.  The bangs were off, the layers were off or non-existent.  I’m not picky when it comes to hair.  I am admittedly a snob concerning hair salons, but beyond that I go to whoever is open, hope for the best. Usually I don’t do anything crazy and wild so the cut works out.  I don’t have hard hair to cut either.  Yeah, my hair can go wavy, curly or straight, but without much effort. Furthermore, I’m completely a do not touch your own hair (i.e. don’t cut your own hair, don’t dye your own hair, etc.)  That changed yesterday.  I was SO fed up with this one strand of what normally would have been bangs, but somehow didn’t get in the mix that I cut it.  Yep.  To my surprise, nothing happened.  I didn’t break down and cry over my “ruined” hair or go into a nervous breakdown.  I simply went about my daily business and kept trying to think about when I should really get a haircut.

So What?

Over the past few days I have found myself thoroughly enjoying Pink’s new song “So What” until I read this post by Tony Morgan.  After reading the post I read the lyrics thoroughly and watched the video.  The video is special…  To be honest, I liked the catchy chorus and the happy-go-lucky attitude that goes along with the song.  The whole “I’m mad at men” etc. vibe did not catch my attention.  I’ll admit I’ve been burned by men in the past and yeah I can resonate with the message in the song.  At the same time I do not associate this with a major identity crisis personally.  Though, I can definitely see how some wounds can spiral into such a crisis.  So what do you think? Have you heard the song? Like it? Thoughts?

Flowers and Groceries :)

A while ago I posted about doing something interesting with my friend.  Well, here’s the corresponding post she wrote!  I am SO glad that we actually followed through and did something.  I can only pray and make sure that handing out flowers at a park with Carrie is only the beginning!  I am excited that this lined up with the intention behind all the DO posting that is going on around the blog world too!  Every day opportunities present themselves to DO things.  Here are a couple of DO questions to ponder:

What if you did one thing nice for someone every day?

What if you did one thing to help someone you don’t even know? 

What if you did one thing to make the world a better place and no one ever knew about it?


What if I did one thing for someone I didn’t know?  I almost let an opportunity pass on Monday night.  I was driving through campus on my way to the other side to go work out when I saw a girl struggling with a few bags of groceries and two bottles of milk.  Part of me thought, I could stop, but then how am I possibly going to turn around on this small road without causing a ruckus and how is she even going to fit in my car!?  But then before I know it my window is down and I’m asking her if she needs help to which she responds yes and proceeds to tell me how she had been praying that someone would help her.  She indicated that she had health problems so walking this far was really hard and told me that I was an answer to prayer.  I was so blessed to hear a little bit of her story and drive her the rest of the way to dorm because if I had listened to some of my thoughts I would have missed that opportunity to DO something. So what are you going to DO today?