Scenic Route

Here are a few quotes from WIld Goose Chase:

  • He loves leading us down the scenic route because that’s where we learn our most valuable lessons
  • “Alexandria, Minnesota” !!!!!! whoohoo
  • Because we have a natural tendency to remember what we should forget and forget what we should remember.
I’m on the scenic route.  Although, let’s be honest, sometimes the scenic route toughing it out through the skunk, cow, or chicken smell.  There are valleys and mountains.  Somedays I find myself saying, “I’m done.  I don’t want to. I don’t want to do this anymore.”  Other days, the sun peaks out a little and I’ve got a speck of hope keeping me on the road.  I’ve learned some lessons so far, but I know more will come.  I’m learning to let go of the “whys.”  I’m trying so hard to differentiate between truths and lies.  I’m seeking Him.  I’m begging Him to tell me the truth so I don’t keep buying into the lies.  So, today, in response to a longing in my heart, I’m unplugging from the internet and going on an adventure. Alone. Because I don’t need to always have a boyfriend hold my hand. Not saying that I don’t desire one nor that they aren’t ridiculous fun.  Just saying that I need to learn another lesson. 
Signing off until I’ve gone on an adventure.

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