I’ve recently caught myself being a VERY poor listener.  I will interrupt the other person or already be thinking about what I want to say next before they’ve even fully formed the thought.  I get too excited to share and engage in the conversation.  Which in of itself is not bad, but  I’m thoroughly ready for a change.  I want to be respectful.  I want to listen well.  I want to hear the other person out completely.  I don’t want to interrupt.  Even more, I want to listen to God.  If I find myself as a poor listener to other people then I’m sure I’m even worse when it comes to God.  How many times have I offered my opinion or plan without listening to His ideas?  So, this is me, unedited.  A poor listener, trying to change.


Caribou has one picture frame in their women’s restrooms….and it features outhouses in the country.  Makes you happy there is indoor plumbing doesn’t it!?