I got hit by a car!

Wow. I still can’t get over it….I got hit by a car.  The concept seems to surreal to really have happened.  So, I decided that the weather was gorgeous and since no one would play tennis or golf with me that I would go for a little bike ride.  Bad idea.  Riding along and see this odd red car looking like it is going to make a u turn in the road.  It does and runs right alongside me and bam I’m on the ground.  Of course my head doesn’t move fast enough to unclick my feet from the pedals or do anything other than slam on the brakes.  Then the odd feeling of oh crap I just got hit by a car I should be bawling, but then the self-talk of I’m okay everything’s fine.  I got up and shook it off. Talked with the driver, told him that the “dirt treated me well” and forced myself to get back on the bike with just a few scrapes.  So there’s my getting hit by a car story. Enjoy. It’s rough and unedited, but so was getting hit.

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