People and places have all sorts of habits or little quirks.  Some make sense.  Others are quite ridiculous.  Lately, I’ve been noticing how almost all of the students and even staff at where I work use the handicap buttons to open doors.  Okay, if you have a huge cart or you are handicap or have three small children, ect. that’s fine.  You can use them.  I don’t know when or where or why this trend started.

I could go on about how I don’t use the handicap button and how much energy and money I’m saving the school, but I won’t.  Instead I’ll use the concept as a reminder to me that there are things in my life that don’t make sense and where I’m being lazy.  I’m probably about to learn even more quirks about myself and my roommates (who are finally moving in!!!).  One of my favorite quirks is how I play tennis…it’s ridiculous to be honest.  I have all these little rituals and then I love talking/singing on the court because well you kind of have to when you love playing singles 🙂  I’m really ridiculous when I write as well.  I go in streaks of “Oh, I wrote a really great paper while sitting on the floor with green tea…let’s repeat that.”  Well, I think I’ll stop there for now and keep you all updated as I find new ones! 

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