I LOVE being Outside

Yep. I love the outdoors especially doing things outside.

Here’s my list of activities thus far this weekend:

1. Running

2. Walking

3. Golfing (I drove the ball 250 yards today!!)

4. Tennis (I miss tennis people and I loved hitting a sweet forehand–my fave shot)

5. Biking (windy, but I love my bike)

I’m still trying to fit in:

6. Rollerblading

7. Kayaking

8. Other?


When I want something, I make do concerning recipes.  Sometimes this strategy works, sometimes utter failure  For example, I really wanted pancakes on Saturday, but we didn’t have milk.  I searched the fridge where I found a Vanilla Carmel creamer and decided to make do.  Vanilla Carmel tasting pancakes were quite interesting.  Good, but thick.  The next one…well, I admit wasn’t completely out of desperation.  I made white chocolate s’mores. Delicious. Absolutely delicious.  Go try them right now! 🙂