Pain Threshold

“The closer you are to the point of need, the more you can charge.”

-Seth Godin

The same concept goes for the urgency or immediacy that things need to get done.  For example, whether our house had internet and cable or not did not matter much to me before I moved in, but once I moved in my willingness to pay and do the work to get Internet increased greatly.  My demand for Internet also increased.  

Too often, I expect other people to realize this urgency and help out in a way that they would if they were going through the “pain” as well.  If they are not at the same point of “pain” they will obviously not be as willing to go to all sorts of lengths to achieve the goal.  Sometimes people, myself included, become unrealistic about these wants/needs and expect ridiculous things.  Either way, this reminds me that I can be more compassionate and helpful in these situations when I am not near the “pain” threshold and others are.  

 At the same time, I think I usually need a healthy reminder of the difference between “needs” and “wants.”  Do I need the Internet or do I want it?  What do we really need in life…?