“I invited the memories to take permanent resident in my mind and heart and prevent me from receiving God’s acceptance and mercy.” Tam

This quote struck a cord within my heart.  I invite memories to permeate my mind and heart to the point where I’m hitting replay over and over.  I replay the ugly words spoken to me.  I replay the scenes where I fail.  I am captivated and entranced by these negative, hurtful memories instead of turning to God’s grace and love.  Too often I put on my boxing gloves and expect to be able to fight off these memories or emotions by myself instead of giving them up to God so that He can show me “…that in all things He (God) works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” and show me the truth rather than the lies that I replay.

Favorite Place

Thanks to my roomie’s friend (who happens to be her sister’s fiance’s sister–do you get that?? heh) we get to take care of this lovely outdoor bench/loveseat for the summer.  I’m stoked.  Now we just have to find lots of other deck furniture like a table so that we can entertain!  I have been able to sit and eat breakfast on the deck for the last two mornings thanks to this little chair.  I love it!  Perfect place to eat cereal and read the Bible 🙂 I’m really hoping this will help me improve in my consistency in reading the Bible (aww yeah and thus begins the performance review references).  Either way, I’m happy to have a spot to sit outside!