I Don’t Understand, I Understand

I saw this on a couple of blogs and so I figured I’d join in on the fun.

Part 1:

I don’t understand how my phone cord at work ALWAYS gets tangled.

I don’t understand why steep and cheap can’t have more deals that I want

I don’t understand why Facebook is still so appealing and easy to waste time on

I don’t understand why I like blogging so much when I don’t know who is reading

I don’t understand how I can get so lost and involved in a book in no time

I don’t understand why bugs freak me out and other animals don’t

I don’t understand why I live in this dichotomy of sporty clothes and girly clothes


Part 2: 

I understand that I’m emotional and yet hate showing it

I understand that I am laid-back, flexible and a people-pleaser

I understand that I love to exercise and look sporty

I understand that if I buy something it better be “happy”

I understand I love listening and helping people

I understand Microsoft Access 

I understand that I love making desserts

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