Fast Food Frenzy

I normally don’t eat out at fast food places.  But last Thursday I ate at two in one day!  They both hit the spot right on too 🙂  For lunch, we stopped at Quiznos on our way to the rehearsal.  I had a “sammie”–hate the name, love the food– which is basically a pita bread like chalupa type thing except with pepperjack cheese, turkey, and other yummy toppings.  They have 4 different kinds and they’re all 200-300 or so calories.  Except they are pretty small so get two if you’re extra hungry or get one and get soup.  For dinner, I was not in the mood to make anything and by the time I ate the time was 8:00pm (I hadn’t stopped home yet) so I did the sensible thing by giving into my craving for cheesy fiesta potatoes and a carmel apple empanada.  I threw in a chapula baja style just for fun too.  Delicious.  I was starving and everything was super yummy.  I can’t say that I’ve magically changed and will be craving fast food all the time now, but these two were good for the day 🙂

One thought on “Fast Food Frenzy

  1. Hi,

    get one and get soup
    >> I assume that would have been my choice.

    When I watch the picture you show, I remember one of the main reason Fast Foods are so popular: the price is cheap or let’s say affordable.
    Add an extra no time needed to get the meal ready & you get everything to explain the success in Adults’ lives.

    Kids love the Fast Foods because there are some games for them: big size & colorful.


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