What’s that noise??

Moving into a new place always brings funny little noises and quirks.  My last place was super echo-y and had some other noises that after long I didn’t notice, but guests did!  For example, once I didn’t even notice something downstairs made a noise when Geoff was over.  He was a bit concerned…  The weird part about this new place is that there are people downstairs.  I haven’t met them–well, really only one lady and then a friend is there for a few weeks.  Who knows what they’re doing down there and the odd part is that I probably won’t find out!  At least when you have the whole house, you’re able to ask if you’re that curious.    Tonight, I definitely rocked out the Biggest Loser Cardio Max (ahhh yeah I’m pumped that I gave in and bought it–it was raining…that’s my excuse) workout in my room.  I don’t know if the people downstairs were home or not, but I sure wonder what they thought and what all they heard!  

p.s. I made cookies tonight and I wish I had roomies to share with!