The End

No…not of this blog!  But of my ceramics class.  Today/this week was/is the last time to throw wet clay.  Sad.  I’ll be kind of glad to have my Monday nights back, but I’ll miss being able to make bowls and other fun things.  I’m also sad because I always seem to open up and engage with the people in my class right before it ends.  I had a delightful conversation with a girl in my class about law school, unitarianism, Bethel University, sports and ceramics tonight.  I wish I could have had this 5 weeks ago so that we could have developed more of a relationship.  Yet, the class ends.  The same thing happened last summer with my pre-law type class at William Mitchell.  I met these women and began to get to know them sort of well right at the end.  I’ll just have to take longer classes 😉 or learn to open up sooner! 

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