The Good Stuff…

…never lasts!  I’m almost out of my favorite shampoo and unfortunately Victoria’s Secret discontinued it!  I’m bummed…I really have enjoyed smelling like Amber Romance for the last few months.  Apparently, people on eBay used to put the shampoo up for sale…maybe, I’ll look into that option or not.  For some reason, buying shampoo on eBay seems really gross and sketchy.

I also got really sad the other day when I was told that Bath and Body Works might be discontinuing Magnolia Blossom perfume.  I swear these stores want to make me smell bad!  How are boys ever going to like me if I don’t smell like Magnolia Blossoms mixed with a little bit of Amber Romance?  My love life just might be headed downhill 😉 or uphill for those boys who are allergic to perfumes and the like!  Either way…I’ve still got my favorite deodorant even though you can only buy it at Wal-Mart!


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