Normally, I don’t comment on blogs.  I read, ponder and move on to the next blog.  Sometimes if prompted I’ll think about commenting and then usually won’t.  All in all, I am a self-confessed, openly admitted lurker.  Yet, lately, I’ve been coming out of my usual habits and commenting.  I posted a recipe on one blog, commented on a friend’s blog the other day, and answered a question on a blog today.  I kind of like de-lurkifying myself.  In part because I wonder who reads my blog and where all those stats come from because I know I did not tell *that* many people the website!  Now, all of you lurkers out there who want to stay that way, good for you!  No grievances here.  I’m not going to woo you into commenting.  Though, for me, I’m going to try to comment more just because I know most people enjoy getting comments and re-evaluate in a week or so.  Off to make a peanut butter banana sandwich now! Pictures later? If you’re lucky 🙂

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