Audiences and Taking!

Seth Godin

I love when other blogs discuss things that I have been thinking about recently.  Seth Godin hit on two of my thoughts today.  He blogged about blogging audiences and whether he is blogging to the “first-timer” or the “regular.”  Go check it out!

His second blog discussed how too often we expect things to be “given” rather than us taking initiative to “take.” I find this to be especially true in school settings.  Often, students expect teachers to “give” the information rather than students “taking” and going after the best they can get.  Taking responsibility and initiative rather than waiting for a boss or teacher to give these things.

I want to be a “taker”!  I want to strive to do more, serve more, learn more, and not be complacent in life!  For sure, there are times to wait and there are times to go.  I just don’t want to be immobilized by an assumption that people are obligated to “give” me things and that I need to wait for them to before pursuing and striving to “take.”

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