Waterfalls to Blue Doors

After reading The Fountainhead, my appreciation for architecture and architects has increased immensely. I have always loved looking for unique little aspects inside and outside buildings. For example, I can tell you that in Benson Great Hall one of the catwalks only requires one suspension wire whereas the others utilize two. These quirks amuse and intrigue me.

Concerning churches, stained glass windows, spiral staircases, murals on the walls, and gorgeous ceilings get me every time! They’re the next best thing to being outside. Inside, I tend to look up or around a lot when I am singing so I appreciate interesting surroundings.

In general for decorating and architecture, I love fun doors (colored or interesting designs), odd shaped rooms (round, angled, anything), bright colors, that cozy close feeling, comfy furniture, fun lighting, lots of clocks (different sizes), high ceilings for the big rooms, secret pathways, gardens and rooms, personal balconies, rooms conducive for for entertaining, breakfast nooks (booths!), kitchens with hanging pots, painted chairs, overlooks, towers, flowers, blue glass, pottery, paintings, rugs, bookshelves, waterfalls and ponds in the backyard, unique bathtubs (claw-foot, old-fashioned, modern, round), round windows, bay windows, skylights, and well let’s be honest the list could go on for a long time!  Let’s be honest, my house is going to have an untraditional, unique and random style 🙂

To end, here’s a little something that combines churches and spectacular architecture for you: