Wizard + Community + Desserts = FUN and FELLOWSHIP

Fellowship night! Antioch Community Church came together last night for some food, games, conversation and fun. I spent the afternoon making fruit pizza and oreo truffles–delicious! I love making food for other people especially desserts. The only bad thing about making food right before going somewhere consists of my inability to refrain from eating while baking so that by the time I’m done I’m full. Such is life!


I really enjoyed watching the two community groups come together and get to know each other more. We also had some new people check us out, which is always exciting. I’m pumped to see this church grow and where my role will be!

The night also was amazing simply because some of us ended up playing cards. I love card games. Spades, Rook, Hand and Food, War, Solitaire, Poker, pretty much anything. We played Wizard last night. Liz, my friend who is in Australia right now!, and her family play Wizard a lot so I’m glad that I finally got to play after hearing about it so much. Plus, I won and always got my bid (that’s impressive in case you didn’t know! haha). Not that I’m bragging or anything 😉


All in all, a great night and I had some really fun conversations (including one about seminary! and another about Mark Driscoll’s sermon series Religion Saves and 9 other Misconceptions and a little about Rob Bell). I’m definitely excited for next month’s fellowship time!

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