The Obvious Option: Cake Decorator/Dessert/Food Extraordinaire

The last few days have led to scouring the internet and blogs for new recipes to try.  I absolutely love making food…especially for big groups of people or at least giving food away to multiple people.  I’m super excited to bring some sort of dessert on Sunday for Antioch Community Church’s fellowship night!  I haven’t fully decided what I’m going to bring, but I’m thinking Fruit Pizza and then maybe some other things too…I’m still brainstorming and we’ll see what I feel like closer to the date 🙂

In other news, I tried a new recipe tonight!  Triangle Crescent Sandwiches.  They were very yummy!  Not quite sure if they are worth all the work…but oh well.  Basically you put half your crescent rolls on the bottom of a pan and then put cheese and meat (I used salami) and then you brush egg on top of the meat and then put the rest of the crescent rolls on top and brush that with egg as well.  Bake, bake covered and then eat!  I just feel like I could get nearly the same end product by having already made crescent rolls and then putting in the rest and then either microwaving or baking.  But sometimes it’s fun to make something with more steps so if you want the recipe, just ask 🙂