Options Galore

I am horrible at making concrete, set, firm decisions.  I have a love/hate relationship with options and choices.  I love examining them, processing, thinking through, weighing out the pros and cons, ect.  Yet the more options I have the harder and longer I take in making a decision!  Plus, I defend and criticize every side, every angle, every outcome.  I prefer discussing each side thoroughly than making a decision.

My thoughts lately have turned to graduate school/seminary.  This turns into a litany of ratings, schools, programs, likes, desires, requirements.  Do I do the SemPM program at Bethel? Or would I rather get a Masters of Counseling?  Or what about Marriage and Family Counseling from Bethel Sem.? What about writing? Or maybe I want to go to Northwestern for their M.A.T.s program?  Or a teaching license?  Better yet, what about law school or political science or history? Do I apply now or wait a year? Who do I use as my references and what about my letters of intent?

You get the picture.  The questions go on and on 🙂 I’ll let you know if I ever make a decision!

One thought on “Options Galore

  1. Hello, as I read your post I made a decision to drop a comment here. What I want to suggest will definitely broaden your options in choosing graduate school/seminary. There is a great graduate school in CA that has an extension overseas in Eastern Europe, in country of Ukraine. Talbot School of Theology (graduate school of BIOLA Univ) offers here in Ukraine a MA degree in Biblical and Theological Studies, diversified emphasis. Thus applying to study at this extension you can broaden your cultural experience, make a lot of new friends and get quality degree in new exciting setting. Here is Kyiv Seminary page: http://www.ktsonline.org/new/content/category/4/20/204/lang,en/
    And here is Talbot’s http://www.talbot.edu/extensions/

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