Life has set in…

I’ve been wanting to blog for a few days, but I either haven’t set aside time or am tired or doing something else. 😦

Here’s a glimpse:

6:32 alarm goes off and I jump out of bed

6:34 Brush teeth, floss, ect.

6:45 Get out of shower and blow dry/do hair

6:58 Decide what to wear

7:05 Go downstairs and eat cereal (yum!)

7:10 Turn on Car and realize it’s SNOWING and I have leave right now

7:15 Finish cereal and leave for work

9:00 Arrive at work an hour late…..I hate snow and car accidents

5:30pm Leave work and drive to oil appt.

6:20 Get to oil place and wait

8:00 Oil, headlight and wipers are FINALLY done

8:20 Get to Bethel to work out

8:50 Leave Bethel–short work out 😦

9:02 Arrive at Project Runway party

10:40 Leave party

10:50 Get home and get ready for bed

11:00 Go to bed

So there you have it… Surprisingly, I didn’t go home from 6:30am to 10:50pm. Thank goodness this isn’t normal!