I absolutely HATE being cold.  I’m cold often unfortunately.

10 Signs Your House is Cold/You’re too Poor to Afford Heat

1. You leave the house to go to a coffee shop because you’re too cold.

2. You take hot showers to get warm (i.e. after work 🙂 )

3. You wear two pairs of pants.

4. You sleep with two down comforters in addition to the other 3-4 blankets on your bed along with flannel sheets.

5. You leave your coat on when you get home

6. You hate getting out of the shower because you’re going to freeze.

7. You leave the oven open after you’ve baked something

8. You bake something just to make the house warmer!

9. You constantly drink hot things like hot chocolate or tea in attempt to warm up.

10. You hardly ever get to wear shorts and halter tops even though they’re you’re favorite thing to wear.