• Microwave versus oven
  • Ready made meals rather than homemade
  • Television over books
  • E-mail/Phone/Text instead of talking in person
  • Using the snowblower instead of shoveling
  • Driving two blocks instead of walking
  • Relationships with “safe”, easy, already in your life people rather than taking risks

The list goes on…convenience can sometimes be a wonderful, wonderful thing.  Honestly, I’m glad snowblowers were invented and that we don’t have to use fireplaces to heat our homes!  I like being warm!

At the same time, I wonder if sometimes taking the convenient way or choosing something for its convenience hinders us from seeing, utilizing, or enjoying something else.  I find myself lacking patience.  I don’t want to wait 30 minutes to cook something in the oven…but let’s be honest, some things need to be cooked in the oven!  As such, sometimes we need to put aside convenience and embrace other choices.

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