…are you really good at it? Sometimes I feel like this word gets used in place of people just having “multiple things to do” rather than doing multiple things at once.

Multi-tasking: The ability of a person to perform more than one task at the same time

Multi-tasking  has benefits of course, yet last night I was experiencing some of the negatives…

Here’s how the situation went:

The television was on in the background–we weren’t really watching it.  My roommate was showing me a slideshow of boys, which turned out very good and was quite entertaining.  🙂  I was talking to 2 people on MSN Messenger…a boy and my other roommate who just got home from Guatemala (Carrie–see her blog on the side!).  To top it all off, I was eating Red Velvet cake too!

At the end, I wished I could have given each of them my full attention and focus to show how much I really cared and wanted to talk with them.  At least, I believe I’m pretty good at multi-tasking so I was able to continue to do all of the aforementioned tasks.  Yet, I want to be the type of person who is fully engaged and listens well to one at a time than listens okay to multiple.

There’s a few thoughts for you to ponder on such a FREEZING day 🙂 Stay Warm!

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