Pairs of Pants

I have searched high and low since December to find a pair of jeans that fit well.  I finally found them!!!  Due to various circumstances, I lost some weight and none of my other jeans fit quite right.  The jeans either were annoyingly big in the waist or they were too tight in areas or too short (I shrink things…) or a bit old that they had awkward holes.  I also found amazing black pants that fit me this last week too.  There’s just something amazing about wearing a pair of pants that fits, is comfortable, and makes you feel good.
The same can be true about relationships.  I know this is a stretch, but I think the analogy between pants and relationships is interesting 🙂
  I have some pants that I wear occasionally, some that I shouldn’t wear, some that I wear all the time, some that I want to wear more often–either too dressy or just not enough other clothes to go with them, some old pairs that I still love, some old pairs that I love, but don’t really work anymore, some that are too comfortable, some that make me want to change, some that change me, ect.
Even my relationship with God has changed throughout the years through some of the different stages.  When I was younger, I definitely didn’t want anything to do with that “pair of pants.”  When I first became a Christian, I felt extremely awkward and unsure of myself in those dressy pants.  At times, I have become too complacent and comfortable in my relationship with God.  Other times, the “pants” have been really hard to wear and uncomfortable because I went through a period of change.
A final clarifying thought:
The different types of pants/relationships add variety and freshness to my life.  I need dressy pants, skinny jeans, comfy sweatpants just like I need the differing relationships in my life.  Not everyone can be a comfortable pair of sweatpants for me, otherwise how am I ever going to get a job! 😉
-Katy Rose
Biblical Reference to look up: 1 Corinthians 12

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