God’s Whirlwind Response

First blog…I thought about starting out with a bang and talking about sex like Greg Boyd has written about lately, but I decided to save that for a little later.I also thought about writing on trust, but that too seems a little daunting for the first blog.So, I turn to the paper that has consumed my semester. “Reorientation of Creation Care: In Light of Wisdom Literature and Select Psalms”

Thomas Aquinas insists that each entity reaches perfection through an active desire to fulfill its place in nature.Specifically, “every entity has been created by God and it is therefore fundamental to every creature to seek God naturally in its own way.”Furthermore, each entity should participate uniquely in God to help reveal God to humans and to give glory to God.

These thoughts blew me away when I first began to process them.I am the type to “experience” God through nature, yet I often relegate nature to a lower position and embrace my tendency to have an anthropocentric worldview.Yet, Job 37-40 serves as a reminder that God created in ways far beyond our understanding.God responds to Job’s questions with a detailed account of a created order without humans.Only when Job worships God without expectation, predictability or reward does God rescue him from his affliction.Job realizes his insignificance and “smallness” in comparison to God and His glorious creation.


Then Job answered the LORD:

“I am unworthy—how can I reply to you?”

Hope you enjoyed these thoughts to ponder.


p.s In case you were wondering…B’Ahava=with love


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